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Suckerpunch "Reunion" T-Shirt
Suckerpunch “Reunion” T-Shirt
Only Three XLs left!
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Formed in 1994, Suckerpunch are arguably better known for the bands that the members came from or later joined than their own music; that’s understandable but a bit of a shame. Tim Mosher (Broken Glass, Junkyard), Patrick Muzingo (Junkyard, Decry, Speedbuggy USA), Michael John Dimkich (The Cult, Bad Religion, Steve Jones Band), Gary Ivin (Glimmer, London Quireboys) & Paul Worden (Swingin’ Thing) put out an awesome self-titled debut in ’96 via MCA, and then split shortly afterward. And that was it — the guys went their separate ways, and made beautiful music elsewhere. On Saturday Feb. 2, 2019 the band got back together for a reunion show at Junkyard’s stomping grounds The Viper Room. Needless to say it was an epic event and now YOU can have the gear that was available at the show!