While curating the artwork for “Old Habits Die Hard” photographer Amorette Muzingo not only found a mountain of old images dating as far back as 1986, but also found the original treatment for the “Hollywood” video with management and label production notes.

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Video concept by Jean Pellerin

An early bird provides a melodious soundtrack for a sorry sight. Crammed in the back of an old Chevy station wagon (covered with metallic flames, supported by extra wide rubber), two sleeping couples sweat among flies in the blazing morning sun.

Tire screeches coming from another vintage junk-mobile, turning a corner at unsafe speeds, awaken a tattooed clad band-member laying above a barely dressed female body. Dangerously accelerating towards the stable relic, the hot rod from hell, carrying the other Junkers (Dave, Chris and Pat) rams the back of the station wagon, abruptly waking Clay & Brian and their chicks…Let’s go Dudes.

After getting rid of their dates, the sleepy heads jump in their mates’ wheels for a quick ride to the house of sounds, a torn down mansion used as a rehearsal space. Once inside, JUNKYARD proceeds to bring down a house already burned out. The graffiti and the holes in the walls seem to be the only witnesses to a radical version of “Hollywood”.

As the performance evolves, JUNKYARD becomes more in need of room to move.

Walls and doorways begin to crumble under paratrooper boots and steel toed stompers.

Graffitied characters begin to sing back up lyrics.

Neighbors in rage (from the noise) begin to shout obscenities and call the police.

A roaming camera follows a mike wire upstairs to find Dave in a bedroom closet with a six foot blonde.

Grabbing a few buckets of abandoned blue paint, Pat decorates the walls with vignettes of the neighborhood (keyed into the dripping paint).

All hell is breaking loose as the house acquires a more spacious look. (walls are coming down).

This raunchy rock and roll demolition derby ends with a pair of law officers standing in awe, in the doorway, with guns drawn, amazed at the destruction.

“Can we help you officers?”

Directed by Jean Pellerin
Produced by Allan Wachs, Nicholas Myers and David Naylor
Director of Photography Tom Nordstrom (“Daybreak”, “Deep Core”, “Escape Under Pressure”)
Edited by Ozzie Zornizer (“Stark Raving Mad”, “Full Tilt Boogie”, “Clockwatchers”)

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  1. Here’s some bonus info that happened that day:

    The “junk-mobile” in the video was a rental as well as the station wagon at the start of the video.
    At the start of the video “David, Chris and Pat rams the back of the station wagon, abruptly waking Clay & Brian and their chicks” Well its Hollywood, so of course there was “drama.” One of the “chicks” in the back of the wagon was lingerie/poster model Kim Anderson who was NOT a fan of the band and complained about not being seen at the start of the video. Kim was also to be featured as a bartender in the clips where David and Chris were at the bar. Upon finding out that she was only going to be in a few more clips “supermodel” Kim walked off the set in a huff calling us bunch of dirtbags and stating “without me in the video you guys look like a bunch of roadies.”

    There was a scene where Chris is playing guitar by an empty pool. Our idea was for Chris not to look at the “six foot blonde” as she walked by in a swimsuit. That “model” was also to be in another scene where a roaming camera follows a mike wire upstairs to find Dave in a bedroom closet with said blonde.

    That was supposed to be “supermodel” Bobbie Brown.

    After her friend Kim Anderson left the set she called her friend Bobbie and explained how unprofessional we were and how it would hurt her career by doing a video with a bunch of dirtbags. Within 10 seconds Bobbie Brown was replaced (for the pool scene) with our good friend Heidi Margot Richman, who was also on set doing our wardrobe…pretty much suggesting things like wearing converse rather than engineer boots.

    For the scene “a roaming camera follows a mike wire upstairs to find Dave in a bedroom closet with a six foot blonde” Bobbi was replaced by David girlfriend at the time.

    The flames on the “junk-mobile” were painted on with wash away paint by the production department and restored back to pristine condition later on that morning.

    The house that we shot the video at was scheduled to be moved (yea, the whole house!) in 20-30 separate pieces out to the desert to be rebuilt as a hotel.

    At 2:00 Chris and Brian seem to be having a guitar duel. That shot was done twice due to Chris poking Brian in the eye.

    At 2:20 David rolled off Chris’ back. We did not consult Warrant’s choreographer.

    At 2:22 Pat splashes blue paint on a wall only for the paint to splash back at him, make him slip and fall and cover his hair, face, jacket and shoes in blue. Needless to say there was alcohol involved. See 3:14 for the paint special effect.

    At 2:46 David jumps at the camera man and breaks the camera lens.

    The video was shot on a Sunday from 6am – 7pm.