Jimmy James

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimmyjamesexp

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jimmyjames_usa

Jimmy James (born September 23, 1964) “Libra”
Born in New York, his family relocated to South Florida in the early 70’s soaking up the sun and the Rock and Roll music that was blasting from nearly every radio tuned to an FM station.

His obsession with music eventually landed him a gig with local band The Abusers soon to be renamed The Rock City Angels. Recording and performing with The Coma-Tones, The Hangmen and others soon followed.

In fall of 2016 he began filling in on guitar for Junkyard, officially joining in 2017 at M3 Festival and recording High Water with the band. Junkyard has been touring the US and UK as well as working on a followup to High Water which is set for a 2019 release.

select discography:
Rock City Angels S/T
Rock City Angels Use Once And Destroy
The Coma Tones Extended Play Forty Five
The Masons Wichita
The Masons Young Blood
The Blondes S/T
The Blondes Swedish Heat
The Hangmen Metallic IOU
The Hangmen We’ve Got Blood On The Toes Of Our Boots
The Hangmen Loteria
The Hangmen Lost Rocks
Junkyard High water

1976 Gibson Explorer
1995 Gibson SG Classic
2008 Gibson Les Paul
2008 Gibson Flying V
2018 Eden Southbound JR
2003 Tokay Love Rock

Ibanez Concorde
Ibanez Iceman
Dean Cadillac
Dean Z

1976 Mesa Boogie Mk I
1998 Mesa Boogie Mk I Reissue
Marshall 1936 2×12 cabinet

backline amps:
Blackstar HT Club 50 MK II

TC Polytene Mini
Dunlop Mini Crybaby
Way Huge Green Rhino
Way Huge Aqua Puss
Friedman BE OD

Ernie Ball Power Slinkys 11-48

Boy Howdy!