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Sept. 19th Acoustic Livestream and Auction

After the Facebook Live show on Sept. 19th stick around after for a pretty cool auction. One item up for bidding will be this autographed 26” DW Resonant Bass Drumhead thats been on Muzingo’s kit since 2016. Roach is also working on some plaques and a few other surprises! Day of show stream location: …

Live Chat

It’s been a while since we checked in with all y’all and we’ve got some things brewing besides the Acoustic Live Stream coming at ya mid-September. Log on This Sunday, September 6th at 4pm (PST) to hear what we’ve got planned for the rest of 2020.

Original “Hollywood” Video Concept found!

Hollywood Video Credits

While curating the artwork for “Old Habits Die Hard” photographer Amorette Muzingo not only found a mountain of old images dating as far back as 1986, but also found the original treatment for the “Hollywood” video with management and label production notes. JUNKYARD: “HOLLYWOOD” Video concept by Jean Pellerin An early bird provides a melodious …