Sept. 19th Acoustic Livestream and Auction

After the Facebook Live show on Sept. 19th stick around after for a pretty cool auction. One item up for bidding will be this autographed 26” DW Resonant Bass Drumhead thats been on Muzingo’s kit since 2016. Roach is also working on some plaques and a few other surprises!

Day of show stream location:

RSVP at and feel free to “track” us to keep up to date on 2021 Tour Dates

Just in…”OG/AXL” Non-surgical Face Mask/Covering

The image here is a mock-up but the real thing is coming out of production in a few days! How much? $15 or $25 (plus S&H)!! 

Wait? What!??!! Why $25?

Well because you get a signed CD single of “Faded” (only 20 available). 

Don’t need the single? No problem! We got ya covered at $15 (plus S&H). 

*** Remember kiddos…a portion of all merch sold on our website goes to Meals on Wheels. 

^^^^ CatoVac & Spade Pre Orders & back orders shipping on Monday!

Junkyard CatoVac

3 new things! We may not be playing live but we are trying to bring ya some fresh music & swag!

“Rome is Burning” The 7-track digital EP Available May 8th on ALL streaming services. Acetate Records hit the vaults and collected Junkyard’s favorite “High Water” era rarities, B-sides and acoustic tracks.

On May 9th we are bringing back a few classic shirt designs. The “Faded Single Wolf” & “Propaganda AKA Inciter LeRock”. Remember kiddos, portions of all merch sales goes to Meals o Wheels!

New Video & EP!

Lazy Days & Sleepless Nights indeed! For your binging consideration we give you “Pushed You Too Far” from Junkyard’s “Old Habits Die Hard” on Acetate Records – includes archival footage from “Back in the Day” as well as current, never before seen footage… 

But Wait, There’s More! We hit the vaults and collected Junkyard’s favorite High Water-era rarities, B-sides and acoustic tracks. The 7-track digital EP, “Rome is Burning” is coming to yer favorite streaming service in early May!