MAY 2015
October Spain tour confirmed.
August 15, 2015 date announced
2 more things to announce that are around 3-4 minutes each soon
APRIL 2015
1 more Spain show confirmed. August 2015 date to be announced soon. We ARE working on merch and hope to have it soon as well as a HUGE announcement.
MARCH 2015
More Spain shows confirmed, just a few more dates to be announced.
FEB 2015
Spain shows announced, but we are saving the biggest news for last!

Read the 1st full band interview (that was way too truthful so the hairband site pulled it) in years!

Merch section coming soon!
JAN 2015
Here we are at 2015! Wow! We have posted some teasers about some exciting things for 2015. In February we will be able to tell you way more about whats happening...but for now we will let you know some things we aren't doing: M3, Monsters of Rock Cruise or a US Tour. Nothing against M3 or MOR. We have always driven our own path and unfortunately the exits on our highway just don't have turnoffs for those kind of festivals just yet. A US Tour is not in the cards, BUT, that does not mean we aren't trying to get to your city, town or country...cause we are! All of that said thats all we can tell you at the moment....stay tuned!