Photo: Ted Thornton

JANUARY, 2015 -- HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here we are at 2015! Wow!

We have posted some teasers about some exciting things for 2015.
In February we will be able to tell you way more about whats happening...but for now we will let you know some things we aren't doing:

  • M3, Monsters of Rock Cruise or a US Tour. Nothing against M3 or MOR. We have always driven our own path and unfortunately the exits on our highway just don't have turnoffs for those kind of festivals just yet.

  • A US Tour is not in the cards, BUT, that does not mean we aren't trying to get to your city, town or country...cause we are!
All of that said thats all we can tell you at the moment....stay tuned!

DECEMBER, 2014 -- Merry xmas, Happy Holidays! We had a gift for ya!

The end of 2014 we gave away free "promo" copies of "Sixes, Sevens and Nines.", and you guy grabbed it while ya could! We couldnt be happier!

NOVEMBER, 2014 -- Instagram? David and Brian on Bravo? WTF?

We decided to take on advantage of another place to show some image's that you may not see on Facebook or Twitter.

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David and Brian sat in and played some classics on the
USS Yorktown with good friends Andy F. Rapoport and star of the Bravo hit show "Southern Charm" Whitney Sudler-Smith to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

Stay tuned for more info.

JULY, 2014
-- We finally have a YouTube channel! You can subscribe here.

JUNE, 2014 -- This year marks 25 years since the "JUNKYARD" debut was released on Geffen records.

2015!? WTF! -- Sorry, we can't really say much about next year except WE ARE working on something that we know all our old (and new) fans will enjoy.

We are also working on getting the Spade, the original Junkyard design shirts (in all sizes), and the coveted back-patch back on the site. We hope to have things in order by the start of the new year so you can go out in style!
Thanks Twitter followers! -- We have finally broke the 500 follower mark due to this Tweet!
Need a refresher?
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May, 2014 -- We haven't forgot about you guys. We are just working on some things (yes, Junkyard stuff) is all. We will fill ya in just as soon as we know! Hopefully a busy Junkyard for 2015??!!!?? Make sure to follow us on Twitter for special, non facebook announcements.
MARCH, 2014 -- Thanks to everyone who came out March 1st to the Whiskey Show in West Hollywood! We had a blast!! For those who couldnt make it here is a list of video's from the show.

Life Sentence
Lost in the City

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From L-R: Todd Muscat, Tim Mosher, David Roach, Patrick Muzingo and Brian Baker
Photo: Jon Tamkin/Bureau of Industrial Imaging

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