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WE NEED YOUR HELP! Let's make this happen! The 2017 Coolest Song of the Year 11th Annual Listener's Poll is now ready for you Yardheads to cast your vote!

"Faded" has been nominated since it was chosen to be The Coolest Song in The World (Show 807 on The Underground Garage). Y'all can vote for "Faded" as the "Coolest Song" once every 24 hours and voting ends on Saturday, December 23rd. The "Coolest Song of 2017" winner will be announced on January 1st, during Kid Leo's "Coolest Songs of 2017 Revisited Annual Year End Review" show on Sirius XM-21!
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Huge thanks to The Fiascos, our amazing tour manager Lee Langton, merch master Geoff Blake and everyone we met and drank with at the shows as well as all the great promoters! It won't be another 26 years before we hit the U.K. Hope to see y'all again next year!

2017/18 Tour Dates